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Movie Review: Runway Cop 

Runway Cop (차형사 - Cha Hyungsa)
110 min, Comedy

I’ve really been in the mood for comedy lately and I found this so why not. Based on the synopsis, it basically sounds like a Korean and male version of Miss Congeniality. But it don’t raise your expectations too high because sorry, but it doesn’t measure up.

The story isn’t very elaborate and though there are some comical scenes, the flaws in the plot just lowered my attitude towards the movie in general. I didn’t like the romance portion of the drama.. especially with their convenient past thrown into the mix.

But hey, SO MUCH eye candy. Kang Ji Hwan flashes his abs several times throughout the movie. And well.. considering this focuses on a fashion show, we’ve got some attractive males coming and going off the screen.

Final Rating: 3.25/5. You’ve got some funny scenes and lots of eye candy (Kang Ji Hwan abs, Kim Woo Bin cameo, and Lee Soo Hyuk and his voice) but the plot, in my opinion, was really lacking.

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Movie Review: Scandal Makers 


Scandal Makers (과속스캔들 - Gwasok Seukaendeul)
108 min, Comedy/Family/Drama

Another movie that I’ve heard about and added to my watch list but never got to until now. Out of the 13 asian movies I’ve watched this year, this is definitely in the top 3 (most of the movies I’ve seen this year have been, meh okay).

It has some good ol’ funny scenes combined with family bonding. I really liked seeing the main character change from his bachelor lifestyle to a father and grandfather. It was great seeing him slowly become protective of his daughter and grandson, and likewise, see them wiggle their way into his life and heart. It was also cute that they threw in love lines for all three of them (kindergarten music scene was hilarious).

I only really have two big things to point out. First: where is Hwang Bo Kyung in all of this? Second: Park Bo Young comes off more as an older relative rather than a mother. There’s still that family feeling but definitely not that of a mother and son.

Overall, this was a fabulous performance done by Cha Tae Hyun, Park Bo Young, and Wang Suk Hyun. The movie would not have been as great without them.

Final Rating: 3.75/5. A funny and heartwarming story in which a family is slowly pieced together.

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Movie Review: Hot Young Bloods 

Hot Young Bloods (피 끓는 청춘 - Pi Kkeulneun Chungchoon)
121 min, Comedy/Romance/Youth

I’ve heard about this movie every now and then (because well.. Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young as lead roles) and decided to finally satiate my curiosity. I didn’t really read the synopsis carefully so I kind of went in with an expectation of not a lot of romance and more school/life which isn’t really accurate.. not to say that it’s a total romance but yeah.

Let’s be real: I think this movie is over hyped. Honestly, the story isn’t that good. Nevertheless, for the most part, I still enjoyed the movie. We get to see Park Bo Young as a delinquent-like character and Lee Jong Suk as a playboy loser. And well, it’s just fun to see because that’s just not their image.

The first half of the movie had more comedic scenes and well.. made more sense. Once we get towards the end, the story gets a bit messy as the writers try to hurriedly clean the story up to reach some sort of conclusion.

Final Rating: 3.5/5. This rating is based on how much I enjoyed it but honestly, the plot is lacking and is really nothing special. This isn’t something I’d watch again.

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Drama Review: Tatta Hitotsu no Koi 

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (たったひとつの恋)
Length: 10 ep (~46 min)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Synopsis (it’s really long..)

If you felt too lazy to read the super long synopsis, it’s basically your typical rich/sheltered girl and poor/bad boy romance.. that’s really all you need to know.



The story is REALLY typical. Rich girl and poor boy fall in love, family opposes, our protagonists believe love will triumph (but does it?). We even got a minor love triangle, illnesses, some wedding shenanigans, and people running after vehicles. Oh, and can’t forget the “I’ll give you a lot of money if you break up with my daughter” and “No, I can’t! I love her” etc. etc.

And that may be enough to turn you off BUT I think the key thing here, to possibly enjoy this drama, is to go in with the mindset that - yes you will know what will happen 90% of the time. BUT, it’s a decently old drama, maybe this story wasn’t THAT common back then… just pretend  it’s  older and voila! It may seem like a genius and innovative drama for its time. (Episode 1 is a bit rough because it’s just sosoSO typical but it eases up later on)

Final Rating: 3.5/5. Really typical story, but I think it’s done well enough to perhaps pique your interest and possibly watch it.

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Movie Review: Going by the Book 

Going by the Book (바르게 살자 - Bareuge Salja)
Comedy, 102 min

After watching the trailer, I had relatively high expectations for the movie.

The premise is interesting enough so I could easily imagine how funny this could be. Unfortunately, in the end it failed to meet my expectations. Not that there are no funny moments, but there are far fewer and lower in comedic value than what I was expecting. I mean c’mon, a straight-laced police officer staging a robbery, it had so much potential for comedic value.

Final Rating: 3.25/5. It’s an okay movie with a couple funny moments but it had potential to be so much more.

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